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Creative Fine Motor Fun

Fine motor skills refers to the coordination of the small muscles of the hand, also referred to as manual dexterity.  You use fine motor skills everyday from writing and cutting to buttoning and zippering. 

Some well known fine motor activities are Legos, building blocks, pop beads, stringing beads, among others. 

Here are some fun and different ways to help development of those small muscles using TOOTHPICKS!!!???


Toothpick Art

Who knew you could be so creative with a box of toohpicks?

Toothpick construction: You need a box or two of toothpicks and bag of marshmellows. 

Take one toothpick and push it into the marshmellow then another marshmellow on the other end, then toothpick, and so on until you have your creation.  How creative can you be? 

Need some ideas? 

        - Form shapes, letters, or numbers.  Write your name!

        - Build a house, barn, skyscraper, or school building.

        - Make some people, animals, How about your whole family? 

You can also use chop sticks or skewers to build longer sides to your creation! Instead of toothpicks, you can use popsicle sticks or pretzel sticks.  Use grapes instead of marshmellows.  Or if you don't want to work with food, you can use small balls of play dough or clay.

Get creative!  Place beads or small pastas on the toothpick before pushing it into another marshmellow. 

Sticky Toothpick Art: You need toothpicks and some contact paper. 

Cut a piece of contact paper from the roll (whatever size you need for your creation) Peel the paper off so you can feel the sticky side, then tape it to a table, wall or window (sticky side out).  Now take you toothpicks and puch one at a time onto the sticky side of the contact paper.  They are small and light enough to create a masterpiece. 

When you are finished, peel another piece of contact paper (the same size as original), peel paper and carefully stick it to your art.  Now your art work is complete!

Toothpicks On a Larger Scale

You worked those small muscles now go outside and work the larger ones!  Instead of toothpicks (unless you have A LOT of toothpicks) use sticks that you found in your yard to build with.  Instead of pushing them together or connecting them, you can just lay down the sticks to form letters, shapes, or numbers.  Collect enough and you can make an obstacle course.

Stick Obstacle Course: Collect enough sticks to form larger shapes next to each other on the ground.  Jump or hop in and out of each shape.  Spread them apart a little and you can run, skip, or gallop around each.  Use the stick shapes as if they were cones)

Thank You Pinterest Friends!! - Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR