Snowy Day Fun... With or Without the SNOW!

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Snowy Day Fun With or Without the SNOW!
There is no reason why you can't enjoy the snow even if it doesn't snow where you live!  Here are some super fun snowy ideas for home or school. 

Snowy Day Fun
Shaving Cream Ice Skating: This is an old favorite and one of the most fun classroom groups all year.  Our students love it!! If you are lucky enough to have a space and some therapy mats, you are good to go! The only other thing you will need is shaving cream. 
- Have your children come in, take off there shoes and socks, then roll up their pant legs.
- Spray the mats with shaving cream and one at a time go for a skate. 
- It is messy but so much fun! When they get the hang of skating on shaving cream, ask them to skate with a friend or turn around on the "ice"
- For easier clean up, tape a large plastuc tablecloth or shower curtain liner over the mats. 
For a cleaner version of skating indoors without the ice you can use carpet squares or pieces of towels as skates.  Cut the pieces one to two inches larger then your child's shoe.  Have them stand on the square and skate around the floor. 

MakeYour Own Snow!
Too hot to snow where you live?  Make your own snow with these easy recipes
    Snow: All you need is baking soda and shaving cream.  Pour shaving cream in a large bowl or bin and slowly add your shaving cream.  If you have a large group you can use one box of baking soda to one box of shaving cream. 
   Snow Dough: All you need is 2 cups of corn starch and one cup of hair conditioner.  Mix together and play!!
   No Mix Snow: Don't feel like pouring and mixing ingredients?  Some items in your house that look like snow- mashed potato flakes,  sugar and powdered sugar, salt, and baking soda.  Pour one of these on a tray and practice drawing and writing in snow. 

Let's Write About It!
Sitting in the car, in the doctor's office waiting room, or for handwriting practice, here are some fun story starters:
    We sat on our sled, sped down the hill, went over a bump and......
    As we looked up in the sky, the largest snowflakes ever fell and.... 
    We built a snow family and when we started singing they started    dancing and....
We fell in the snow and....
My dad turned the snowblower on and

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Compiled by Lisa Walker OT