Olympic based activities

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It's not too late to salute the Olympics!

This maybe the last week of the 2020 Olympics, but then the para-Olympics begin and the competitions continue. So here are some easier to implement Olympic-themed activities to consider.

Each Olympics begins with the torch passing and lighting. Making individual torches are a great way to kick things off.


  • paper towel roll(or 3 toilet paper rolls tapes together)
  • paper cup
  • scissors
  • aluminum foil or gold foil
  • red, yellow, and orange tissue paper
  • glue
  1. Use the paper towel roll and trace a circle in the bottom of the paper cup and cut out.
  2. Push the paper towel roll up ito the cup until it' almost flush with the cup.
  3. Wrap the whole tube with foil. Tuck the ends inside the ends.
  4. glue crumpled sheets or strips of red, yellow, and orange tissue paper down inside the cup.
(Alternative: layout a sheet of foil, tape pieces or strips of tissue paper along the top edge to be the flame. Roll foil around a flashlight, leaving tissue paper to stick out by top of light. Squeeze or tape foil in place. Flashlight can be turned on to illuminate "flames". Please note: this alternative method has only been read about and we have not tested it out!)

Flags are next:
Create yours on construction paper by coloring or gluing colored paper shapes as needed. Attach to a small dowel, ruler or paper towel tube. Ask parents which flag each child should make to best meet their ethnicity when in doubt, make a USA flag or the Olympic flag with the 5 rings.

Easier to implement sports:

  • Balance beam- remember to demo jumps, one foot standing, etc. Use stepping logs or a sidewalk curb. 
  • Ribbon dancing- easy to make or buy
  • Shot putt (Phys Ed may have weight balls or bind a bunch of bean bags together). Measure the furthest throw.
  • Javelin throw- safely toss a pool noodle or yard stick.
  • Long jump- remember to measure with a rope or tape measure so participants can easily see how far they need to jump. Do on grass, mat or in sand for safety.
  • Track- short run, distance, hurdles (maybe just jumping over a paper or small box)
  • Basketball- maybe just free throws in teams to avoid personal wins or fails
  • Volleyball- use a ball or balloon for greater success and to promote teamwork.
  • Polo- allow players to hand or toss ball to each other and to score.
  • Surfing/Skateboarding- borrow a skateboard and helmet or try a spoonerboard!
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