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What Is Midline Crossing?
Crossing midline is the ability to move your hands, feet, and eyes  together and across the other side of the body.
Crossing midline requires the involvement of many skills including: body awareness, hand-eye coordination, muscular strength, and  brain communication.
The ability to cross midline is important at both, physical and brain level.  If your child is crossing midline then their right and left sides of their brain are communicating with each other.  Physically, a dominance will be determined with stronger fine motor skills present on that side.  
A strong hand dominance is very important!  While some children are ambidexterous, this is very rare.  A strong dominance is important for good fine motor and handwriting skills.  

What You will See If Your Child Is Not Crossing Midline:
-When an object is placed on the right side, they will use their right hand to pick it up.  If placed on the left, they will use their left hand to pick it up.
- May not reach out of center to catch a ball
- Will use different feet to kick a ball depending on which side the ball is rolled to
-  Switching hands to complete handwriting tasks 
- Not crossing or integrating lines with figures such as X, or +

Usually by four years old a definite dominance is set and bilateral skills are mastered by your child.  If they are not here are some actvities and ideas you can use to help promote midline crossing. 

Midline Crossing Activities
​1. Draw a Large Racetrack on the Write and Wipe Board or large piece of cardboard.  Have your child take a small car and with one hand drive around the track.  They may have to reach up, down, left and right to move the car.  
2. Infinity Loop (Figure 8): Whether you draw it and have your child trace it or have them draw it, this is a great way to promote crossing midline.  Have them repeatedly trace over the loop with one hand.  
3.  Flashlight Tag: Have your child holld the flashlight with both hands and follow your light with their flashlight across the ceiling, walls or floor.
4.  Wipe the table with one hand and make sure you get the whole table from right to left!
5.  Painting on a large canvas or wall- reach up and over trying to get every spot! 
6. Simon Says with midline crossing positions.  Give your self a hug, touch right hand to left knee, touch left hand to right foot, etc.  
7. Windmill Exercises:  Standing with their feet apart, have your child put their arms straight out to the sides (like a scarecrow).  Now bend and touch right hand to left foot, stand and touch left hand to right foot.  How many can you do? 
​8. Midline March: You can play musical chairs, have a relay race, or just march around to music but when you march your right hand has to touch your left knee, then your left hand has to touch your right knee!! 
​9. Hand Clapping Patterns: Simon says with clapping.  How many claps or different hand movements can your child copy? 
​10. Fast Pace Follow the Leader: How quickly can your child follow different movements involving right and left sides.  
Midline March 
Infinity Loop