Water Games, Specials and Product Highlights

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Water Fun For Everyone!

These last few weeks of August can be hot, hot, hot!!  Get outside and play some of these fun water games for group or during play dates! 

Water Balloon Baseball:  You need some water balloons and a pool noodle.  Cut your pool noodle in half and there is your bat.  Throw your water ballon underhand toward the batter.  Does it break on impact or is it strong enough to send to a fielder?  Instead of a water balloon use a sponge- the game will last a lot longer! 

Wet Sponge Relay: Fill up a bucket of water and grab some new sponges.  Place another bucket with a "fill line" about ten feet away.  Now relay race with the wet sponge to the empty bucket.  Squeeze the sponge into the empty bucket and run back.  Hand off the sponge to be dipped into the bucket of water and next person run to fill the other bucket.  

- Don't just run- Have your children crab walk holding the sponge on their stomach or walk balancing the sponge on their head.  

Water Balloon Parachute: You need some water balloons and a parachute or towel.  Place the water balloons in the center of the towel, now bring it up and down.   How long before the balloon pops?

Water Guns Without Squirting Anyone!!

Water Shooter Cup Race:  You will need a cup with a small hole cut in the bottom, some string and water shooter.  Place the string through the cup and tie one side to a tree or chair, then tie the other side to another chair.  Use your water shooter to squirt the cup and move it across the string!  Fine motor fun!

Water Shooter Knockdown: You need some plastic cups and a water shooter.  Stack them in a pyramid and squirt them down!!


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