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Cooperative Summer Games

Bedsheet Ping Pong: Work on bilateral coordination, upper extremity strength, motor planning, grading movement, and working as a team, all in this one simple activity.  

- Form two teams.  Each team holds an opposite end of a bed sheet.

-A ping pong ball is placed in the middle of the sheet. The object is to get the ball to fall off of the other teams side, for a point.

-The sheet can be raised and lowered as needed, but remind the players to be careful not to "launch" the ball (as they will be very inclined to do so).

- If you don't have a bed sheet, you can also use a tablecloth, blanket, or beach towel.  Use a bath towel for less people.  Make the activity a little more difficult by kneeling and playing!

Let's Line Up: You have to interact with your peers for this game.  You can play a few different ways but each requires interaction and movement.  It can be a great ice breaker for those early days of camp. 

- Have all of your students standing in one area.  The goal is to have your students line up in order according to a topic.  For example, Line up in birthday order!  They have to now talk to each other and work together to figure out who comes first in line, then next, and so on.

- You can use birthdays, ages, alphabetical order by first or last name.  Or just simply use height order if you don't want any communication. 

How Fast Can You Finish: Motor Planning, interaction and social skills, speed, and motor skills.  Have the group spread out in a large area. The leader gives one instructions (ie shake hands with someone) on "GO" everyone performs the task and then sits down.

The leader then gives the same instruction and then adds another. Everyone follows that.  Continue to add instructions until you reach ten.

For Example:

-Shake hands with someone
-Lie down on your back and put your feet in the air
-Run around the leader
-Do five jumping jacks
-Clap your hands five times

Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR