Do You Have a Sensory Closet?

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Do you have a sensory closet at your school?

A "Go To" place for sensory equipment?   More and more schools are buying sensory items in bulk quantities to have on hand to use as needed. So a therapist and teacher (and parent) may discuss a student (any student!), develop a sensory plan, sign out the items needed and implement the plan immediately!  There is no waiting for a purchase order to be generated and the items to be delivered. The plan can be initated today!

Where does the equipment go when a student moves out of district or changes schools?  With tight budgets and limited space, a central location for sensory equipment may be a great idea.  You can have students try sensory items and see which best fits them before purchasing items.  Cushions, fidgets, weighted items and therapy balls can all be stored and tried throughout the school year. 

What about small "consumable" items? Special pencils, pencil grips, scissors, triangle crayons, raised or bumpy paper, fidgets and squezze balls?  These items can make a big difference and can be needed by anyone in the building, even staff ! Order in bulk and keep them to hand out throughout the year as needed.  Also suggest putting them in your school store for some new best selling items!

Here are some of our favorite "Must Haves" for your sensory closet.

Tangles: So many to choose from! They can be big or small. A quiet fidget toy for all classrooms.

So many uses for a therapy ball- sit on it, roll over it, roll under, bounce, toss back and forth or against the wall. Try doing 20 or more throws for sensory heavy work!

Move n Sit Wedges: These seat cushions let you wiggle will you work!  Bumpy on one side & smooth on the other. Easily adjust air to increase or decrease movement.

Wiggle Whomper Kit for Sensory Regulation

Help EVERY CHILD succeed- those with & without specials needs!

This kit was developed on evidence based research to Improve Sensory Regulation in the General Education Classroom. 

The kit includes a instruction manual and all the materials you need to implement each suggested activity.  This kit will help provide strategies to help any student regulate environmental stimuli through the use of tactile, visual, auditory, gustatory, vestibular, and proprioceptive based tools and activities.  It is successfully classroom tested and implemented. 

The instructional manual contains directions to all activities; why it is beneficial, who may benefit from it, modifications/adaptations to the activity, FAQs and a reference to the research that idenitfied it as beneficial!


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