Rockin B-Ball

Now everyone can "shoot for a hoop" with this addictive little 4 inch transparent orb. Play against the clock, head to head, best of 10, even "horse". Every time you score a basket, you're rewarded with flashing lights and cheers from the Cyber-audience. Now don't get too confident, it's not as easy as it looks. But with just the right flick of the wrist you too can be a high scorer.Now in 2 sizes.

Grab a timer and your Rockin B-ball and have a competition. Who can get the most baskets in your time frame. Can you score with two hands? One hand? How about with your eyes closed?
Do you have a small group? Play hot potato, one child scores a basket then passes it to the next. Keep passing til your timer runs out or you score 10 points. Good teamwork!!

This is a great warm up, then work on writing or other fine motor tasks. You can write about how many points you scored, who won the game, was it a tie? or maybe finish this story starter. The game was tied 45 to 45, I was on the foul line and.....