Play Dough, Putty, Clay, Every Kind of Way!

Who knew you could have so many different options when it came to putty, play dough, and clay? Here are some of the best products to strengthen those small muscles of the hand.

EI EI Dough: Brightly colored packs of reuseable dough. Squeeze, roll, pound or mold the dough into the shape desired. Then simply add the printed punch-out parts to successfully create 10 different fun animal friends. This is a great product for your younger children, learning animals, animal sounds, or just having fun. Also a great birthday gift! Item # T3507

Clay Pictures: Just push and smush! Use the 8 bright colors of never dry clay to color the 3 pictures. Reuse the picture molds or decorate with included preprinted background cards and colorful frames. Great for children a little older, it will provide more input and need a little more strength. Item # S1184