Messy Play

It is the perfect time to plant flowers! You need an empty soda bottle, some dirt and flower seeds.

Cut the soda bottle in half, have your child scoop the dirt up with their hands and fill in, place some seeds in the dirt and water. You can punch holes in either side of the soda bottle and string a ribbon through to make a hanging planter.

Don’t want to plant real flowers?

You can make flower pictures with just about anything. Glue brown sugar or coffee grinds on the paper for dirt. Outline flowers on their paper or have your child draw a flower. You can use paint- finger paint, sponge paint, paint with toothbrushes or q-tips. Glue pieces of ripped tissue paper, cereal, or colored sand in the petals. You can also mix paint with your elmers glue. When it dries you will have puffy flowers!!!