Treatment for SPD

From Kid Foundation- another great resource
Treatment for Sensory Processing Disorder is a fun, play-based intervention that takes place in a sensory-rich environment. Private clinics and practices, hospital outpatient departments, and university occupational therapy programs are typical places where treatment for SPD or for sensory issues in disorders such as ADHD and Autism may be found. Children are most commonly treated for SPD with occupational therapy (OT) that may be supplemented with listening therapy (LT) or other complementary therapies. Sometimes other professionals such as physical therapists, speech/language therapists, teachers, and/or others who have advanced training in using a sensory integration approach may be involved in treatment.
The most effective treatment for SPD is research-based. Although a great deal remains to be discovered about the disorder, scientists at SPD Foundation and elsewhere already have learned that some intervention strategies are more effective than others. Treatment from a research-based clinic or clinician ensures that these strategies will be put to work for your child or for you.
Effective treatment for SPD also is family-centered. In family-centered care, parents and therapists become partners who assume different but essential roles during treatment. Parents identify priorities and act as the experts on their child. The child's therapists have expertise in therapeutic technique and measure progress toward the family's priorities. Together, the family and the therapist collaborate to develop the best possible program that reflects the family's culture, needs, and values. Treatment from a family-centered clinic or clinician who uses quantifiable outcome measures improves the likelihood that you will benefit and be satisfied with the therapeutic program you choose for your child or yourself.