Play Ideas for Home

Let’s re-visit: Houshold Items!
We have decided to focus on activities for the summer that you can do at home. Most families do not have swings and trampolines at home but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sensory gym in your house. Some fun ideas with items around the house are:
1. Couch Cushions or Pillows
Take the cushions off the couch, pile them up on the floor and have your child jump on them as if it were a trampoline or crash mat. You can sing the ABC’s, or count while they jump.
Turn the cushions into an obstacle course- lay two on the floor to jump over, then one to hop around, and three in a row to walk across.
Pretend the cushions are stepping stones- lay them on the floor making a path, walk across “the river”. You can place objects on the floor for them to squat down and pick up along the way. It is a great way to work on balance.
Use cushions to provide some deep pressure- sandwich your child between two cushions and give a little squeeze. Pretend they’re a hot dog and the pillows are the bun or use a blanket and roll them up inside to make “kids in a blanket”.
2. Laundry
Have your child push/ carry the full laundry basket to and from the machine/dryer
Once the laundry is finished they can help match and fold each item. This is a great visual perceptual task.
3. Old magazines and newspapers
Before you throw them in the recycle bin, let your kids cut them up. They can help you cut coupons, cut out items with a theme and make a collage (some example themes are “things they like”, “Summertime” “Things that smell good”) , or just cut away until you have confetti!
Use the paper to play a basketball game- crumple and shoot to a can or laundry basket; add in some writing and math practice and keep score.
4. Egg Cartons
An egg carton is a great sorting dish. Color each space a different color and ask your kids to find one of their toys that match and place it in.
Or you can label them with letters (you need 2 cartons for the whole alphabet. You can cut letters out of the newspaper or magazines and have your kids match them to the appropriate cup. Or if you have magnetic letters, they will fit also. Make it difficult and have them find something around the house or just the kitchen that starts with each letter.
It also makes a great paint palette, so pour some paint and make a masterpiece! You can also go on a hunt for large rocks in a park or shells at the beach. Wash them off, they can paint them! (Remember Pet Rocks!)