Summer Fun: Water Fun

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Summer Fun: Water Games

Whether you have a sprinkler, pool, or just some buckets of water, there are so many ways to stay cool in the hot summer weather.  Water play can be a very motivating way to secretly work on motor skills all while staying cool.  Here are some fun ways to start!

Water Fun With A Hose:

Water Limbo: Turn your hose on and line up the children! How low can they go?  Hold your hose up high and have them walk underneath- Did they get wet?  Once everyone is through, lower the hose.  Keep going until your children can't get any lower!  Motor planning and coordination are at work as they try to figure out a way to get under that stream of water without getting wet. 

Water Jump: Turn on your hose and hold it close to the ground, you can move it back and forth so the stream of water looks like a slithering snake or to make it easier keep the stream of water straight.  Now have your childeren line up and just the opposite as water limbo, now they have to jump over the water.  How high can they jump? If the stream is moving, can they plan their jump so they don't get hit with water?

Water Fun With A Spray Bottle

Balloon/Ball Blast: Get those small hand muscles moving and have your child strengthening fine motor skills without even realizing they are working.  Blow up a few balloons and place them inside a hula hoop or make a circle with a large piece of string.  Now place the balloons inside (the smaller the balloon the harder it will be).  Now with a spray bottle or water gun, have your child race to empty the circle.  Squirt at those balloons until they are all out!  Make it a little harder and have an opponent squirting the balloons back in as one is trying to get them out. Add a timer and see which player has the most balloons in or out of the circle when time is up!  

Squirt Away or Water Tag: Play just like any other game of tag but instead of touching to tag you have to get close and squirt to be "it".  Gross and fine motor workout in one!

Water Fun with Water Balloons

Water Balloon "Hot Potato":  Fill some water balloons, have your children sit in a circle but instead of music playing while passing the balloon poke a pin hole in the balloon.  Keep passing until the balloon is empty! Whoever gets stuck with the empty balloon, sits out the next game.  Have fun and cool off at the same time!!

Water Balloon Cooperative Volleyball: You need a bunch of water balloons and one towel per two children. Have children pair up and hold each end of a towel, now place a water balloon in the towel and working together send it over to the other team to catch in their towel. Team work, coordination, and motor planning all in one!  Volleyball too difficult? Have some cooperative relay races.  While partners hold a towel with a balloon in it, they have to run to the next pair and hand off the towel without dropping the balloon.


                                                         Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR