Summer Fun: Rain, Rain Go Away- Fun Anyway!

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Rainy Day Fun

Not everyday can be beautiful and sunny, I guess!  Here are some fun indoor rainy days activities to pass the time. 

Pom Pom Poppers:   You need plastic cups, balloons, and some pom poms. 

- Take your plastic cup and cut the bottom off.  Now take your balloon and cut a piece off the TOP. 

- Now stretch your balloon to fit over the top of the cup and knot the end. 

- Place a pom pom inside, pull the balloon knot and let go!!!

- Make one for each player or take turns!

- How far does your pom pom fly? Can you reach the garbage can or box placed about ten feet away? Who shot the farthest? 

Great fine motor strengthening, bilateral coordination and planning activity.  You can also use marshmallows, cotton balls, or crumpled up pieces of paper. 

Masking Tape Maze: Take a roll of masking tape and make a maze on your carpet, through your house, or even over your furniture.  How do you get through the maze without walking?  Can you bear crawl through the maze?

- Or maybe work on oral motor strengthening and place a cotton ball or pom pom on the start now blow through a straw to move the cotton ball  to the end. 

- You can always make a shorter maze, straighter maze, or longer maze.  Too hard on the floor- make a maze on the table. 

Some More Simple and Fun Indoor Activities

Gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, and sensory fun for a rainy day!

Indoor Obstacle Courses- Use your couch pillows, chairs, tables, or rugs to jump over, on, through, crawl under.  Have your children plan and create it!!

Plastic Bottle Bowling: Line up empty plastic bottles and bowl them down!  Change it up- backward bowling- You have to roll the ball between your legs while you are turned around!

Color Scavenger Hunt: You have four minutes to run through the house and find as many blue items as you can and race back to start.  Add some memory recall and handwriting and have your children write down what they found when they return to start.   Switch it up- Find as many things as you can that start with the letter A!

Make a Sensory Bin: Grab a large bowl and some uncooked rice or beans, fill the bowl at least half way.  No hide small items inside- legos, puzzle pieces, beads, or pom poms.  Can you find them with your eyes closed?  Already have a sensory bucket? Make an ooey, gooey bucket with a bowl full of shaving cream!


Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR