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Summer Fun: Traveling

Whether you are traveling near or far this summer.   Here are some great ways to prepare your the trip. 

Getting Ready!

Waiting for vacation to start can be the worst!! Here is a great way to countdown the days until you leave providing anxious and excited little brains with some needed structure.

Countdown ring: First figure out how many days you have until you are leaving.  Then cut out that many strips of paper.  On one side of the paper, write a question or a task that needs to be completed.  When each strip is written on staple them together to form a chain.  Now each night rip off a ring and countdown until you leave! 

Example:  We are going to Disney in 30 days- 30 strips of paper were cut, on one side questions such as "What's your favorite Disney movie?" or "How many dwarfs are in Snow White?" was written on the back.  Each ring was stapled to the next with a large Mickey Mouse picture on top. 

Not going anywhere? Make a summer motor chain and on the inside write motor activities.  So each time you rip off a ring, you have to complete the motor activity- you can write Do 10 jumping jacks, Hop on one foot 5 ftimes, or jump across the room like a frog! A great way to work on those skills that need reinforcing too!

Pack Your Bags!

At times it may seem like more work but get your child involved in packing for your trip.  They are probably excited to go, why not put that energy to use! 

1.  Ask them to write a list of what they will need on vacation. (Don't forget books, games, snacks)

2.  Ask them to gather what they can from that list- get three pairs of shorts, three pairs of socks, a sweatshirt, etc. 

3.  Now practice folding!

Folding Clothes is a great motor planning workout. Try T-shirts for older kids; towels and socks for the younger ones. Here's a video that shows an awesome way to fold and save a ton of room in your suitcase!!!  Click on picture above.

Click on the suitcase picture for a neat way to pack your suitcase!



Compiled by LIsa Walker OTR

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