Summer Fun: A New Activities w Playing Cards; Free Give-away too!

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Summer Fun With an Old Favorite

A New Twist on Old Favorite- Deck of Cards

Sometimes it is difficult to keep the summer fun moving! You've been in the pool, went to the beach, or on day trips.  Those days at home can be filled with all sorts of inexpensive fun!

Here are a few  ideas with: A Deck of Cards

1. Construct a BridgeYou will need a pack of cards that you don't mind cutting.  Cut a half inch slit in the top and bottom of each card.  Take two cards and slide them together at the slit.
- When you slide four or five together, take one card and bend in half, now slide that in slit. 
- Take the edges of the bent card and slide each side into another card to make the stand.  Do this on each side of your bridge. 
- Too hard- make a smaller bridge. 
- See how creative you can be.  Can you make more than a bridge?  Motor planning, bilateral coordaintion, and fine motor skills at work here!!!

2. Deck of Card Workout: Let's get exercising! Take your deck of cards and shuffle them.  You can do this individually or as a group. 
- Set the deck of cards face down and take turns picking a card. 
- Hearts= push ups, Spades= squats, Clubs= sit ups, and Diamonds= jumping jacks.
- Everytime you pick a card you have to do the number of each exercise
- You can work as a team, work indiviudally, or take turns or do them together if you want a longer work out!

- Prefer Fine Motor Strengthening? How about Chair push-ups; String beads; push together popbeads; squirrel coins in your palm then place into a bank/slit or use tweezers and small pompoms.

3. Deck of Card Math:  Practice math skills with your deck of cards.  Flip two cards and add, subtrat, mulitply!
Too hard: Seperate the cards so you have all the ones together, all the twos together and so on.  Now take an ace (equal to 1)card and flip over another now do your math.  Keep the one card the same and keep flipping from the other deck. 
Too easy: Use the jack as an eleven, the queen as a twelve, king as a thirteen. 

4.  Math War: Play War but in order to take the flipped over cards, you have to solve the math problem. 
- Divide the deck evenly between all players.
- Decide what kind of math you are going to do- addition, subtraction, or multiplication.
- Start you game of War- all players flip over a card- the first player to solve the math problem gets to keep the cards. 
- Playing with more than two people you are going to have more difficult math problems to solve!


5. One more for all ages:  Practice shuffling and dealing. Remember to deal in the correct order and in the correct way, so no one can see a card as it is dealt. Shuffling is a real motor challenge. For beginngers: place all the cards face down on the table, mix them up, then practice straightening into a pile. Older children may like the challenge of learning to shuffle with 2 hands.

Fun Facts: Did You Know?

A few facts about a standard deck of cards.  Did you know....
1. The deck of cards was first used in China in the 12th century.
2. The suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs) were first designed as coins, cups, swords, and sticks. 

Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR