Proof: Never TOO OLD to Jump rope & $10 off

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Jumping Rope at your age?

Make Mother's Day alittle more fun. Invite your mom over to jump rope! Now before you say, "no way can she jump rope!", take a look at this video... Even those just turning the rope are having fun - and isn't that what Mom's Day should be. Having FUN TOGETHER - and probably a day no one will ever forget!

Click here to go to the video... (Sorry we don't know Italian to translate for you- but they are having fun in any language!)

Jump Rope Idea Refresher:

Here are some ideas of activities to do with a rope - some with jumping, some without. 

Hi-Lo: cross over a side-to-side swinging rope. Height varies.

Snake: Cross over the rope as it swiggles on the ground. Swiggles may vary from narrow to wide.

Variety Limbo: How low or high can you go? Get to the other side as the rope changes heights for each person. Some climp over, others under.

TightRope Walking: Walk on the rope, toe-heel.

Double Dutch: two ropes swing at once in opposite directions

Chinese Jump rope: a stretchy loop rope (or 2 ropes tied together) that make 2 ropes at ankle height that you jump in and out of.

Pull line: Child sits on a scooter and uses hand-over-hand movements to pull along a rope tied securely at one end. Cautiously try kneeling or standing on the scooter for those ready for a greater challenge.

Tug Boat: Child holds end of a rope, while sitting on a scooter as it is pulled. (Use stablity & core muscles not to get pulled off scooter!)

Clothesline: Use clips and hang papers, socks, pictures, letters, leaves, anything!

Knots:  Practice tying them, untying them, fancy knots or old fashioned knots that happen all the time in shoelaces! A great workout for the hands!

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