Memorial Day Activities: Indoors or Out- 1/2 Price Shipping

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Memorial Day Fun!

It's Memorial Day.  How are you spending your day off?  BBQ, Picnic, Family outing?

Whatever you are doing, here are some fun activities to celebrate!

Keep your children busy while cooking for your Memorial Day get together!  Here are some fun painting activities you can do inside or out.  

Straw painting: Pour some red, white, and blue paint on a dish.  Take 6-8 straws, hold them together at the long part.  Now take the top bent part and dip it in your paint.  Tap the straw paintbrush on paper, making red, white and blue fireworks. 

No straws?  Use a fork to make fireworks!

Another Fun Patriotic Painting Activity

Pom Pom Flag: Take some pom poms or cottonballs, squeeze a clothespin to pinch and hold the pom pom, dip it in paint and form your flag. 

These can make a great decoration for your Memorial Day BBQ!

Marble Painting: An old favorite, in the bottom of a cardboard box, lay a piece of paper. Squirt small dots of red, white, and blue paint on the side of your paper. Now place the marbles in your box. With two hands move the box from side to side, rolling the marbles. When you are finished you should have a red, white, and blue creation!

Gross Motor Fun

Flag Relay: You will need some small American Flags (can find at most Dollar Stores) Set up an obstacle course outside, line your children up at the start and place the flags at the end (maybe in a bucket of sand so they aren't on the ground)

Race through the obstacle course; jump in and out of hula hoops, crawl like a crab, walk like a bear, grab your flag and run back.  When you reach the start, next child can go. 

Start some friendly Memorial Day competition and make it a race!

Thank you pinterest friends!

Thank you pinterest friends!

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Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR


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