Let's "Chalk" Up a Good Time & Complimentary Worksheet Download

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Let's "Chalk" Up a Good Time

Sidewalk chalk- you can find at most dollar stores or Make It yourself!!

Here is an easy recipe to make your own sidewalk chalk.  You will need: an ice cube tray, plaster of paris, 2 tablespoons of tempura paint, mixed with a small amount of water.  

1. Mix your plaster of paris as directed, when finished add the plaster of paris mixture to paint/water mixture.   

2.  Once mixed together well, pour mixture into your ice cube trays.  Allow to set for approximately one hour. 

3.  When hardened pop out your new chalk! 

Make all different colors and shapes! Combine paint for rainbow chalk. 

Once your chalk is complete play some of these fun games!

For indoor chalk fun & easy transport from school to school- Draw games on long paper that can be rolled or on big sheets of 11x17 paper. Black or a dark color will make the chalk really stand out!

Drawing Switcheroo: Draw large rectangles all over the concrete.  Have your student start drawing a picture.  They have 3 minutes to draw what they can- when time is up- Switcheroo! Now have each student switch drawings and continue where their friends left off.  What is the end result?

Draw a maze: With your sidewalk chalk, draw a huge maze on your concrete.  Now your student has to animal walk through it.

Sidewalk Chalk Games

Sidewalk Simon: Take your handheld Simon game and bring it to real life size.  Draw a large Simon board on the concrete and call out the pattern you want your child to jump in.  Start simple with two colors and add on each turn.  For example, Jump on red, then redblue, then red blue green, and so on.  Remember you always have to start with the first color called. 

Good old Hopscotch! We all probably know how to play hopscotch but let's switch it up! Forget numbers one through ten- Put a different letter in each square and when it is your turn to throw the rock, you have to think of three words that start with that letter before jumping. 

Another adaptation: Put different animals in each square, throw your rock and now you have to walk like that animal through the board. 

Body Trace: Have your students trace each other on the concrete.  Can they trace, color and draw detail of their friend?

Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR