Do you feel Lucky? Cyber week at PFOT!

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We once again are having a "Holiday Helper Lottery"!  To enter, simply place an order anytime before Wednesday @ 12 am and enter coupon code: lucky  

It's that EASY to Enter!      

Any order - Any size - Anywhere! All entry's will be shuffled, and a winner selected at random. That lucky Holiday Helper will get a gift certificate equal to their FULL order- INCLUDING SHIPPING charges! 

         So are you feeling lucky?

Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday -Did you know?

  • Consumers nationwide spent $59.1 billion last year during this four day weekend.
  • Shopping on Cyber Monday peaked at 11:25 am last year.
  • Most popular items bought on Black Friday 2012 were clothing and accessories.  Department Store purchases were most popular online.
  • The majority of people shopping on Cyber Monday are at work. 

"PFOT Shop to Give" Donation Program

Giving is a part of the season - It’s also a very busy time of year! (There's: Shopping, Baking, Decorating, Wrapping, People to see, Reindeer to feed…)

Let's team up and make it easy to donate while you shop!

Simply, place an order and enter the Organization's Code in the Coupon Box at checkout, and we’ll take care of the rest! A portion of your order will be donated to the Charity you have chosen. A note will be added to your packing list acknowledging your donation.

That’s it – Easy as pie!

Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation - SPD

St Judes Children’s Hospital – Code: STJ

Humane Society – Code: HS

American Cancer Society – ACS

Ronald McDonald House – RMH