Spooner Boards

A truly amazing, "one of a kind" piece of equipment! Improve balance, weight shifting, coordination, motor planning, and gross motor skills while strengthening ankles, legs and core musculature. the "spoon shape" lets you replicate most board sports in any location and on any surface, inside or out. virtually indestructible, the balance boards safely hold 250+ pounds. Learn to stand, rock, pivot and spin, both regular and "goofy footed." Lots of online instructions and videos for learning basic moves and advanced tricks. A terrific product that's fun for all!

The spooner board is a great addition to any therapy bag or play room. It is light and easy to carry. Add the spooner to your gross motor play;
- Make balancing on the board a step in your obstacle course; can you balance for five seconds, ten seconds, fifteen seconds? Then step off and move on to the next obstacle course step.
- For your older, more advanced children, stand on the board as you play with our zoomball, throw a bean bag at a target or balance while they are having a catch.
- For your younger children, place the spooner board near a therapy mat or your couch pillows, just in case they fall or if they want to crash!