Easter Egg Ideas

Easter is coming let’s go egg hunting…

Use plastic eggs, and hide them around the room or your yard. For your younger children, here are a few ideas to help them with their hunting. Assign each child a color, let them wear a colored bracelet or have a specific colored basket. You can give them hints for where to start or work on learning directional concepts such as up, down, in and on. You can assign each child an area. Or do you need to make the hunting a little more difficult? Give each child a scavenger hunt list in order to find the eggs. You can use scooterboards or tri/bicycles to hunt for eggs, to work on some gross motor skills. When the child finds an egg, have them bring it back to their basket balancing it on a spoon. These are just a few ideas, check out our townsquare for some more fun egg hunting ideas!

Messy Play
You will need plastic eggs, glue and colored tissue paper. Have your child rip the tissue paper into small squares. While holding the egg place some glue on one side. Then cover it with tissue paper. This sounds simple but can get very messy. When you are finished the egg will look tie dyed.