Favorite Toys

Here is a sneak peek at some of our favorite things...

For movement:

Dizzy Disc Jr.This great adjustable spinning and balancing ride on toy is a "must have". Now improved with metal ball bearings for a smoother, easier spin. Provides lots of vestibular/movement input in a small space. Large 16" textured top surface can easily be adjusted to change angle of slope to match level of skill. The wide 18" base provides maximum stability and a built in carry handle. Try sitting, kneeling, lying down. Maximum weight is NOW 200 pounds. No assembly is required. 

For finger strength:

Popbeads It took us awhile, but we finally found the BEST POPBEADS and they REALLY WORK! All the benefits of the old stand by activity, but made more fun and motivating by the new designs available. These hard to find popbead designs are made in the USA, of high quality plastic. A wonderful activity to address bilateral hand skills, finger strength, and stability of the hand.  Charms come with rings to place between beads as an extra fine motor challenge. Several styles to choose from.