Thumbs Up- our favorite ways to play:

 Basic Play:

  •  Everyone randomly places a different colored ring on each finger of 1 hand EXCEPT the thumb.
  •  A design card is turned over revealing the order of colors.
  • Then the fun begins on the count of 3!   1, 2, 3. Go!
  • Players race to transfer the rings to their thumb using in-hand manipulation only.
  • No help from the other hand - elbow on tabletop as needed to force isolated in-hand skills be used.

Easy Play:

  1. Begin with no rings on. Players look at the card and race to put rings on their thumb.
  2. Each player gets their own design card to complete. No racing involved.

Advanced Play:
  1. Everyone randomly places a different colored ring on each finger of 1 hand INCLUDING the thumb. So when start is called, players must transfer the ring off the thumb if it is not the correct starting color.
  2. Everyone randomly places 2 different colored rings on each finger of 1 hand EXCEPT the thumb. (Colors will be repeated.) This will require more planning because rings will need to be moved around in addition to transferring them to the thumb.

Let's get organized, organized...

Storage ideas: The more you store - the less you carry!

- Use rubberbands, ribbon or shoestrings to secure box games. Then store them upright instead of stacked for easier and faster access. (Also sneaks in shoetying practice during cleanup time)

- File cabinets and old fashioned chalkboards make great vertical work surfaces and most are magnetic also. If not, suspend a cookie sheet from the top hooks.

- Add magnets to the bottom of anything and everything, then place on any metal surface. Great for those things you reach for everyday.

Magnetic Dots:
Peel and stick dots easily makes anything magnetic

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