5 Quick & Easy Sensory Breaks for Any Classroom

We have all heard that "Sensory Breaks" are needed to help to keep everyone alert, attentive and ready to learn. But the challenge is how to incorporate these into the day without losing a great deal of time to do the task and then to re-focus again. Here are 5 Sensory Diet Tasks that are quick and easy to implement without students leaving their desks. .

 1. Chair Push-Ups: Use deep muscle work of the arms to try and lift your "tush" off the chair by pushing down on the chair seat. Do 10 or more until muscle fatigue.
2. Desk Push-Ups: Place hands flat on the desk and try to lift feet off the ground. Do 10 or more until muscle  fatigue.

3. Hand/Arm Pushes: Place palms together and push "like your squishing a bug". Do 10 or more.

4. Desk Hokey Pokey: "Put your right arm up; left arm down and shake it all around"; "Put your left foot up and shake it all around"; etc

5. Puddle Jumping: Initially students may need a piece of paper on the floor as the puddle. Place both hands on the desk and both feet on the same side of the puddle. On the count of 3, jump to the other side of the puddle keeping both feet together and hands on the desk at all times. Repeat, getting faster and faster.

Other easy to implement sensory regulation activities for ANY classroom (not just special needs) can be found in "The Wiggle Whomper Kit". All activities include the research that prove they are successful with children. Activities and materials in one convenient kit.