Fun Activities With a Pair of Tongs, $10 Gift Card, and Featured Products

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Not Just A Pair Of Tongs!

Whether your children are in preschool or older there are so many tasks you can do with a simple pair of tongs to help strengthen those hand muscles.  

1.  Use your tongs to eat!! You can use tongs to pick up your cereal, chicken nuggets, french fries, or most other foods.  Incorporate tongs into breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Try our zoo sticks! 

2. Play board games, using your tongs to pick up the pieces ad move around the board.  

3.  Pick up cotton balls and pom poms- how many can you put in a cup or basket in one minute? 

4. Scavenger hunt: Make a list of items small enough to pick up with tongs.  How many items can your students find around the room?  Remember you have to pick them up with tongs not your hands! 

5. Sensory Bucket Dig: In a lage bucket filled with rice or dry beans, hide items such as beads, pom poms, and small toys.  

6.  Make your tongs into a paintbrush:  Grasp some cottonballs with your tongs, dip in paint and spread on paper.  

7.  Tong Relay Race: Set up a relay course, have your students pick up a small ball or plastic egg, run through the course and hand off the tongs to the next student.  Remember you can't drop what is in the tongs or you have to start over!

8.  Make your own tongs: All you need is a clothespin and a set of wooden chopstix.  Glue one chopstick to each side of the clothespin And now you have tongs with resistance to increase hand strength.  


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