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"SPINNERS - FIDGETS... Aren't they SYNONYMOUS. Like saying Kleenex for tissue?"

Last week a friend asked:

"How do you feel about fidgets now being banned in classrooms?"
- "They have been banning Spinners - which can be dangerous and distracting if the student doesn't really need a fidget"
"SPINNERS - FIDGETS... Aren't they SYNONYMOUS. Like saying Kleenex for tissue?"
We CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN - Fidgets are a "real" tool and can be a functional life saver when matched to needs and are the "JUST RIGHT" FIT. Please be pro-active and apart of the conversation when decisions and policies are being discussed about fidgets and spinners!
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5 Quick & Easy Sensory Breaks for Any Classroom

We have all heard that "Sensory Breaks" are needed to help to keep everyone alert, attentive and ready to learn. But the challenge is how to incorporate these into the day without losing a great deal of time to do the task and then to re-focus again. Here are 5 Sensory Diet Tasks that are quick and easy to implement without students leaving their desks. .

 1. Chair Push-Ups: Use deep muscle work of the arms to try and lift your "tush" off the chair by pushing down on the chair seat. Do 10 or more until muscle fatigue.
2. Desk Push-Ups: Place hands flat on the desk and try to lift feet off the ground. Do 10 or more until muscle  fatigue.

3. Hand/Arm Pushes: Place palms together and push "like your squishing a bug". Do 10 or more.

4. Desk Hokey Pokey: "Put your right arm up; left arm down and shake it all around"; "Put your left foot up and shake it all around"; etc

5. Puddle Jumping: Initially students may need a piece of paper on the floor as the puddle. Place both hands on the desk and both feet on the same side of the puddle. On the count of 3, jump to the other side of the puddle keeping both feet together and hands on the desk at all times. Repeat, getting faster and faster.

Other easy to implement sensory regulation activities for ANY classroom (not just special needs) can be found in "The Wiggle Whomper Kit". All activities include the research that prove they are successful with children. Activities and materials in one convenient kit.

March Madness Fun, Specials, and Products

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March Madness Basketball Fun

It's March and the heght of basketball season.  Why not incorporate basketball into our treatment sessions?  Here are some fun adaptations to games and other activities you can do this month!

Play Horse: You have to spell the word before you can move on.  To play-  pick a word and stand near the basketball net.  You have to shoot once and make a basket to get the first letter of that word.  Then move to a new location and now you have to toss two baskets for the second letter and so on until you have shot a basket for every letter in each word.  You can't move to the next spot until you shot for the letter.  

Bounce Pass: Practice passing to peers using a marker on the floor. Can your child hit the marker on the floor before bouncing the ball to a friend. If you don't have a partner, you can always have your child use the wall, throw, bounce on floor, hit the wall and try to catch on the return. 

Don't Need a Hoop: You don't have to have a hoop to play basketball, you can use hula hoops or pool noodles, these larger hoops will make scoring a basket a littel easier.  You can either tape it to the wall and have a hoop similiar to your basketball hoop.  Or hang a hula hoop from the basketball net, hook or you can use your swing hook to hold your hoop.  

Mania Relay Game: Each child will have their own basketball at the start.  They have to remain within the designated area and dribble their ball with one hand, now have another student pass a ball to their other hand.  Now they're dribbling 2 basketballs, one in each hand.  How long can you keep it going?                                                               Can they dribble both back to start line? 

Basketball Obstacle:  How far can your child dribble a ball while working their way through an obstacle course.  Can they walk on the balance beam, step over some bricks, and turn around all while dribbling? 


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Great way to begin pre-writing skills. Make a road to follow, avoid obstacles, create designations like food store, post office, doctor... ok maybe not doctor!

Fun Activities With a Pair of Tongs, $10 Gift Card, and Featured Products

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Not Just A Pair Of Tongs!

Whether your children are in preschool or older there are so many tasks you can do with a simple pair of tongs to help strengthen those hand muscles.  

1.  Use your tongs to eat!! You can use tongs to pick up your cereal, chicken nuggets, french fries, or most other foods.  Incorporate tongs into breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Try our zoo sticks! 

2. Play board games, using your tongs to pick up the pieces ad move around the board.  

3.  Pick up cotton balls and pom poms- how many can you put in a cup or basket in one minute? 

4. Scavenger hunt: Make a list of items small enough to pick up with tongs.  How many items can your students find around the room?  Remember you have to pick them up with tongs not your hands! 

5. Sensory Bucket Dig: In a lage bucket filled with rice or dry beans, hide items such as beads, pom poms, and small toys.  

6.  Make your tongs into a paintbrush:  Grasp some cottonballs with your tongs, dip in paint and spread on paper.  

7.  Tong Relay Race: Set up a relay course, have your students pick up a small ball or plastic egg, run through the course and hand off the tongs to the next student.  Remember you can't drop what is in the tongs or you have to start over!

8.  Make your own tongs: All you need is a clothespin and a set of wooden chopstix.  Glue one chopstick to each side of the clothespin And now you have tongs with resistance to increase hand strength.  


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