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Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Whether you are stuck inside or have time to play outside bubbles are a great therapy tool!  There are so many different activities you can do with bubbles, liquid or bubble wrap!! Here are just a few:

1. Put your child in a bubble:  For this activity you will need some space, a child size plastic pool, hula hoop, Dawn dish soap, and glycerin (can find at a drug store). 

* First fill the pool about two inches deep with water, add 2 cups of Dawn dish soap, and about 2 tablespoons of glycerin.  Mix all ingredients together.  

* Have your child step into the pool and place the hula hoop around them, laying it on the bottom of the pool.

* Slowly raise the hula hoop around them, do this slowly, be careful not to touch the hula hoop to anything or the bubble will pop, and the bubble will form around them!

*If they don't want to be in the bubble, you can also have your child sitting on the outside of the pool making large bubbles with the hula hoop. 

2. Bubble Wrap Hopscotch: Cut your bubble wrap into 9 squares and place on the floor in the form of a hopscotch board.  Now play hopscotch with some extra input! Your child will be more motivated to jump as the bubble wrap pops away!

3.  Bubble Wrap Art: Tape a piece of bubble wrap around a paint roller, dip in paint and roll on large sheet of paper.  You will get tactile and auditory input as well as bilateral coordination to roll back and forth.

4. Pinch Bubble Pop: Blow bubbles, any kind, and ask your child to pop them using pointer and thumb, then use ring finger and thumb, then pinky and thumb.  Work on finger isolation as they pop away!


Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR