Take the Stress Out of Your Holidays: Tips for You and Your Children

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Take Stress Out of Your Holidays For You and Your Children!!
The holidays are exciting and fun and full of stress!  So much to do and not enough time to do it.  But here are some helpful tips to relieve those stressful days!
1. Make a List: Prioritize and check off.  Have your children practice their writing skills and write a to do list for you. 
2. Take turns opening presents to reduce the
commotion and over excitement. Too many new
toys at once can be over-whelming. Consider
helping your child to choose 2 new things to play
with today and put the others out of sight until
tomorrow or later, when another two may be
3. For children who can not yet read or identify
names, mark gift tags with a color or shape. Keep
name/color tags on gifts after they are open to
avoid later confusion or fighting over whose gift is
4. Consider having all munches on a large table
rather then scattered around the room on coffee
tables and end tables.  Smaller tables are too easy
for the child to bump into or knock with a toy and
create a mess. They also tend to be lower, so it’s
easier for a child to nibble on goodies you may not
want them to have.
5. Children are used to getting jobs to do in school
and they need to feel they are part of the day. So
give them a special task to do when company is
coming.  Assign tasks such as; opening the door;
used gift wrap or trash collecting; hanging coats, etc.

Holiday Story Starters
Whether you are driving in a car, flying somewhere for the holidays, or waiting for your cookies to bake you may need something to do.  Here are some story starters to complete a sentence, write or tell a story or illustrate a picture. 
1. If I could make up one holiday it would be...
2. I woke up in a snow globe and ..... 
3. We baked the biggest batch of cookies that.....

compiled by Lisa Walker, OT