Group Games for On & Off the Playground, New Sensory Tools & Free Fidget too!

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Let's Move - On or Off the Playground!

We all know that movement is vital to development and school performance. But poor weather, limited equipment and time constraints sometimes gets in the way!

So we put together some fun game ideas to help overcome these obstacles.  (Maybe, think about making a list on your phone or keeping index cards for quick reference when you need inspiration!)

"Please Mr. Crocodile, May we cross the River?"  Use 2 painted lines on the playground (or different sides of the classroom, if indoors) are the river banks. Children all stand on the same river bank. The Crocodile (you or designated other) is the Crocodile in the middle of the river. Children shout: "Please Mr. Crocodile, May we cross the River? If not, what is your favorite color?" The Crocodile chooses a color and everyone with that color on ANYWHERE, no matter how little, gets to run across safely. The original game, then has the remaining children run across the river. Get caught and you are the new Crocodile. But how about, you keep choosing colors until only a few remain.Then maybe "guess my number" to see who is safe.

Other adaptations: Jump; Skip; monkey walk; Frog jump across the river. All add a motor planning component.

Dance Statute:  You say "Dance" and each child must dance or wiggle until the music stops or you say "Stop". Then they freeze in place and must hold that position until you say "Dance" again. It can be for as short or as long as you would like. Dancers can be paired or grouped for more of a dance challenge. 

Freezing and maintaining a position requires static muscle control and can actually be more demanding than moving around. So don't always be so quick to say "Dance" again...

Captains Orders: Great group game for memory, processing & motor. To begin have children line up & begin following orders.

  • *To the island: run to designated spot
  • *Scrub the deck: crouch down, make scrubbing motion
  • *Hit the deck: lay on stomach
  • *Clear the deck: jump or push up, must have feet off floor as Captain walks by
  • *Up periscope!: lie on back with one leg raised straight in the air. Twist the raised foot as if a periscope
  • *Captain’s coming: stand at attention & salute
  • *Climb the rigging: pretend to climb a rope
  • *To the Lifeboats: sit & pretend to row the boat.

How many orders can the children remember? How fast can they follow them? How about 2 or 3 rapidly in a row! Can't keep up- maybe to the brigg with you or stand on one foot for a count of 30. Have fun!

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