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Getting To Know Each Other Fun

It's the beginning of a new school year, new teachers, new peers, maybe even new therapists.  Getting to know new people can be tons of fun.  Here are some fun games to play in class, in therapy, or even on the playground.

Get To Know Each Other!

Three in Common Game: Break up into groups of 3, now each group has to find three things they have in common with each other and write them down.  Can you find three differences?  Now walk and see if you can find anyone else with similar traits. 

Where's My Shoe?  Have each student take off one shoe, now take that shoe and place it in a pile in front of  the classroom.  Each student has to pick up one shoe and now walk around trying to find who it belongs to.  Is it a girl's shoe? a boy's shoe?

Make it a little bit harder and have your children take off both shoes!

Find Someone Game: Each student writes on a blank index card one to three statements, such as favorite color, interest,
hobby, or vacations. Pass out cards so everyone gets someone else's card. Have that student find the student with their card and introduce themselves. 

Finish the Sentence Game: Write the start of a question on the board (i.e. My favorite color was, my hobby is) and go around the room with each student finishing the sentence. Practice writing, as your students ask the question, write answers on a pad of paper or on the board.  How many students have the same answers. 

When you are finished work on charting the similarities. 

Break up in small groups or work as a large class group to answer these questions and more!

If this was your classroom mascot what would you name him? Where would he live? How old is he? What would he eat? 

This year we are going to learn? We are going to play these games at recess? We are going to make friends doing....

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*Newsletter compiled by Lisa Walker, OT