Lefty Day! Do you know these famous lefties?

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Here are a few of the MANY Famous Left-Handers:

  • US Presidents: Barack Obama; Bill Clinton; George Bush Sr. & Gerald Ford
  • Chef Gordon Ramsay
  • TV & Movie Folks: Matt Lauer; Oprah Winfrey; Jerry Seinfeld; Angelina Jolie; Rasida Jones; Morgan Freeman; Jon Stewart; Spike Lee; Mathew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Musicial Talents: Judy Garland; Paul McCartney & Lady Gaga
  • Artists: Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Van Gogh
  • Computer Guys: Bill Gates & Stephen Cook
  • Sports Legends: John Mcenroe; LeBron James

  • Cartoon Characters: Garfield; Bart & Marge Simpson & SpongeBob                                                                                                 
  • Video Game Characters: Shadow the Hedgehog & Shauntal from Pokemon

Left-Handed Pencil & Grip

Most pencil grips can be used by either left or righties. But the "WriteRight Pencil" comes with a grip molded into the design. And they are adorable - so kids want to use them!



All you righties: Pick a task (brush your teeth; eat a meal including cutting food; write a sentence or color a picture; CUT WITH SCISSORS; answer & talk on your phone...) using your left hand as the dominant lead hand. Sounds easy? Give it a try...