Getting Back in School Mode

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Ready Or Not Here It Comes!

So many don't want to think about it yet but school is just around the corner.  New notebooks, crayons, pencils and bookbags are on the shelves.  Here at Pocket Full of Therapy we have all your school supplies that you won't find in stores- ready to ship today! 

Why are they different than supplies in the store? 

Won't find these anywhere but PFOT-

Slantboard:  Our black slantboard provids a 20 degree angle, which is ideal for writing and reading, offering positioning benefits for the eyes, neck, shoulders, trunk, arm and hand. Our blue slantboard has an overlay which provides a more pleasing, proprioceptive writing surface that can improve handwriting by diminishing pen/pencil slippage.

Goldilocks Scissors: Wonderfully crafted scissors designed specifically for little hands. With small, vinyl coated, finger holes, shorter overall length, and a real cutting edge, control is increased. Using these scissors, cutting is more successful - so kids love using them! Perfect for your preschoolers and kindergarteners! 

Loop Scissors: Lightweight, self-opening scissor with a continuous molded plastic flexible loop. Actual handle is wider than most and longer cutting blades allow for easier feeding of paper. Operate by gently squeezing, using fingers and thumb or fingers and palm. Release pressure and blades re-open automatically. Great first scissor or when strength is limited.

Pencil Again: A stress reducing, muscle relaxinf shape to write with.  This pencil allows for open web space and an easier grasp on your pencil.    

Blue Slantboard w/ Overlay 

Benbow Scissors- For an extra nonslip grip

Loop Scissors 

Pencil Again 

So Many Grips To Choose From

There are so many grips, how do you choose?  Here is a quick reference to some of our favorites 

Pinch Grip: New design to progressively fit between our The Pencil Grip and Crossover 

Start Right Grip: Great grip The big grip with the big heart. Uniquely shaped grip is great at developing a three point, opposed, pencil grasp. Effectively blocks thumb IP extension and facilitates thumb opposition. 

Write Right pencil grip "The Shark": Develop a mature and efficient dynamic tripod grasp is as easy as, “pinch the eyes, cover the mouth and wrap your fingers around the tail.”  For best fit measure the child's middle finger to determine size.  Comes with built in mechanical pencil and extra lead.  
Small (1"-1.5" 3-4yrs) Medium (1.5"-2" 5-6yrs) Large (2"-3" 7-8yr)

Solo Grip: This sting ray shaped grip goes on pencils the same way for right and left handed users. The R and L indicate the thumb placement and index and middle fingers then fall comfortably into place. 

Kush Grip- Soft and Spikey grip.  You can add to the top of any pencil for sensory breaks.  


Compiled by Lisa Walker, OT