Don't Forget the Pencils, Writing Activities and Getting Set For School

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Don't Forget the Pencils, Writing Activities, and Getting Set For School

You have the grips, the scissors, and other supplies. Don't forget the pencil.  We have a pencil for every hand, even the teacher!

GripTec Mechanical Pencil: The body of pencil is molded! This thick-leaded mechanical pencil has been molded for tripod finger placement. No additional pencil grip is needed. No additional pencil grip can get lost or taken off. Thickest lead available resists breaking. Please choose right or left handed.

PFOT Mini Pencil: Little pencil for little hands with an eraser! The round pencil barrel and lead are both of standard size but the shortened length makes it easy for little hands to control. Comes sharpened with an eraser.

Piccolo Pen: Tiny pen, Hard to use more than 3 fingers!  At just over 2 inches uncapped, this is one of the smallest writing implements available. Small size facilitates the use of a mature, finger-tip grasp and discourages the tendency to wrap fingers around larger implements. Beautifully crafted micro-pen, is enamel coated and smooth writing. Comes in gift box and with one refill. Additional refills available

Chubby Mechanical Pencil: This thicker lead mechanical pencil is awesome.  This pencil just might have the thickest lead ever made. At 6mm, it resists breakage while offering troubled, unsteady writers a wider, more stable platform to help form letters and write. The thick, matte finished barrel helps with grasp & reduces slipping. While not a weighted pencil, it does have more heft than a standard mechanical pencil so provides greater feedback. 4 colored leads & 2 graphite.

Put Those Pencils To Use

After having the summer off, many children don't want to get back to all that work! So start to ease into handwriting with these fun activities! 

Alphabet Games: Start with any letter or start in order now set the timer.  How many words can you write starting with that letter before the timer goes off!  Work together, play as a team, or individually.  Work on letter recall and formation!

Too hard to sit and recall words?  Write the alphabet on a paper, then walk around your house and see what you can find for each letter.  Can you find something for each letter of the alphabet in one room? 

Too easy? See if you can write a whole sentence with every word starting with the same letter!  Aunt Annie asked about an app!

 Round Robin Writing: Writing as a group! Have each student write a sentence on the paper, then say "switch!". Now the students have to read the sentence and second sentence then Switch!  Continue to do this until you write about 5-6 sentences.  When you are finished the stories, give them back to the first write to spell check, edit and read to everyone. 

Too hard?  Start with a single word then add on to make a sentence.  Want to make it a little silly? Fold the paper so you can't see the word that was written prior.  When you are finished does it make a sentence or a silly string of words.

Too easy?  Set a timer- each student has 3 minutes to write before they have to switch.  They may have to switch midsentence!

And Some Old Favorites for Writing

- Story Starters- find them on our website, facebook page, or in previous newsletters

- Make a list! have your children help write grocery list, to do list, or write a list of things you need for school!

- Find a pen pal- Whether it is a friend or relative how much fun is it to get a letter in the mail!

- Create a journal: Write about your summer, your day, or the future.  Whatever is on your mind- put it on paper

- Rainbow writing: Write a word, maybe your name in one color, then trace over it with a different color, then another and another. 

- Make a menu: Whether it's for your dinner or playing restaurant, Fold the paper and write your appetizers, main dishes, and drinks.  Take orders and write some more!


Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR