How Do you Tie Your Laces? Here's a New way!

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How Do You Tie Your Laces?

Most children learn to tie their shoes by the age of five.  It can be a tricky task to teach.  Here are a few ways to help your child learn how to tie their laces!  Click on the picture for a shoetying video. 

Or maybe we have been tying our laces all wrong!  Watch this quick video on how to tie your laces making the Ian knot.

One-Handed Shoetying:

Finished knot in the one handed lace tying method.  Click on the picture to the right for step by step directions tor tying with one hand for those who really need it.

Pinkies Out!

Here's a variation that may be easier to learn. Click on picture to bring you to the step by step for this quick way to tie your laces.

Steps for Ian's Knot:

Step 1- Form a left over right starting knot, then loop both sides over thumbs. With left laces going forward over thumb, right goes behind thumb. 

Step 2- Use the middle finger of the right hand to push the loose end of the right lace behind, while left hand simply rotates forward to swing its loop across to the right. 

Step 3- Pull tight and form a bow!

Practice on a larger scale! Have your child sit on the floor with their legs straight out in front of them.  Tie a jump rope around their legs in the same way you would tie a shoelace. 


Make it a little easier!  

Use a pipe cleaner to help learn how to tie. They are easier to manipulate and will hold position as you tie. 


Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR