Wonderful Winter Writing

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Winter Story Starters

Whether you are still on winter break or back at school here are some fun story starters to use in your free time.  Finish the sentence, write a story, draw a picture or book.  

  • The snowman we built was so high, he almost touched the roof of our house.  We had to climb a ladder to put a hat on him and ......
  • Our sled went so fast down the hill, we couldn't stop and..... 
  • We went to the Camelback Ski Lodge, only to find camels skiing, llamas on tubes, and ..... 
  • Traveling to my friend's house on our sled we past a snow castle, a snow barn and .... 

Make A Snow Globe

You will need a glass jar, small plastic items, water, glitter, and glycerin.  

- Take the small items and glue them to the inside top of the jar.

-  Fill your jar about three quarters full, sprinkle some glitter and a few drops of    glycerin.  The glycerin will help the glitter float slowly through the water.  

- Close your jar and turn it over.  You have a great new decoration!  

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