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Hearts Gross Motor Fun

Musical Hearts:  Cut out large hearts and tape them to the floor. Have your students stand on a heart and start the music, you should have one less heart then you have children.  They will walk from heart to heart until the music stops.  When the music stops, the child not standing on the heart has to pick how the next round will move through the hearts.  Should they jump? hop? skip? march? 

Or have a gross motor activity written on the bottom of each heart.  When the music stops, pick one child to turn over the heart and everyone has to do that gross motor task.  

Find The Hearts: Hide heart cut outs around your room and have your children march, skip or hop around to find them.  Have them work in a team or pairs to find a certain color.  Or work on bigger/smaller and have them find only a small heart.  

Heart Crafts

You will need a piece of cardboard and yarn.  Cut a heart out and cut the center of the heart out as well.  Take a piece of the yarn and tape it to the cardboard, now wrap it around the cardboard until the whole thing is covered.   

Work on bilateral coordination as your child holds the heart and wraps the string in, out, and around.  And tie a knot when you're done! 

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Comiled by Lisa walker OTR