Memorial Day

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Red, White, and Balloons!

Celebrating Memorial Day with a BBQ?  Here are some great games to play with friends or family, indoors or out!   You will need balloons and few other supplies.  Eye hand coordination, motor planning, motor skills, and FUN!

1.  Balloon Baseball: All you need is a balloon and some pool noodles.  Hit the balloon up into the air, now try to keep it up but hitting it with your pool noodle. 

* Have one person call out a color- the person holding that color pool noodle has to hit the balloon.  Or call out a name or age and that person has to hit the balloon. 

* Add some more gross motor skills- if you are swinging the pool noodle, you have to hop on one foot to the balloon, or skip to get the balloon before hitting it. 

2.  Crab Walk Balloon Volleyball: All players need to be in a crab walk position, using your feet to hit the balloon to the opposite side.  You can tie a rope to two chairs to make a net or hit it over a table or chair.  If crab walk is too difficult, try playing in half kneel or in a squat position.

3. Balloon Body Jam: You need a balloon and a partner.  Pick a body part, head, arm, knee, hip or hand.  Now place the balloon on that body part, have your partner stand next to you with that same body part on the balloon.  Now see how far you can walk without letting the balloon fall!  Make it a little more exciting with a relay race or two! 


Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR