Holiday Fun, Conversation Starters, and Specials

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Find Something to Talk About!
How often do you sit and talk to your family lately?  Everyone is always on their phones texting, messaging, or sending pictures.  Some children today are at a loss for conversational skills.  Let's start talking this holiday season.  Here are some great conversation starters, especially for your children and their older relatives!
1. Find out what everyone's favorite present was when they were your age.  Do they remember? Who gave it to them? Any fun stories about the toy?
2. Who has a favorite holiday food? Do they eat it only around this holiday season or is it a tradition for all holidays?  Maybe it is a food they eat all the time but it is just the best!
3.  When I was younger, my uncles made us watch the Yule Log on Christmas Eve! Anyone else?
4.  What are your favorite New Years resolutions?  Has anyone kept and accomplished one?

Minute to Win It Holiday Games
What better way to spend the time after you have eaten dinner and opened up all the presents?  Here are some fun holiday themed one minute games you can challenge your family to! Or make teams and see who scores more points. 
1. Candy Cane Stacker: You need candy canes and metal nuts (as in nuts and bolts).  You are going to use the candy cane as your stacking tool, slide the candy cane through the center of the nut and pick it up, placing it on it's side.  Now pick up another nut and place it on top of the first one.  Keep going- How many can you stack before the time runs out?
2. Marshmellow Stacker: That's it! How many marshmellows can you stack in one minute.  Can you stack a tower? pyramid? Who can be the most creative?
3. Marshmellow Wreath Throw:  You need a bag of large marshmellows and a wreath.  Stand about five or so feet away from the hanging wreath.  How many marshmellows can you throw through the center in a minute?  Can you throw it through the center and make it land in the basket on the floor under the wreath?

Compiled by: Lisa Walker OTR

Wishing You a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!!