What Else Can We Do With The Checker Game?

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Checkers: Not Just A Game

Almost everyone has a game of Checkers in their house! Or parts of it at least.  That box of checkers can be a nice and easy addition to every therapy bag!  Here are some fun activities you can do with checkers without playing the game of checkers!!!

- Checker Math: Write numbers on one side of each checker.  When you turn the checker over to make a king- first you have to add the numbers together on each checker.

Work on math skills while you play, If your student isn't quite ready for mental math, have them write down the numbers first.  

- Checker Tic Tac Toe:  Use your checker pieces on a tic tac toe board instead of x and o you can be black or red.

Using pieces instead, will take away the writing piece of your tic tac toe game but allows for fine motor precision to pick up and place checkers.  You can use tongs or our three point grabber to pick up the checker as well.  

- Sorting or Stacking: Pick up and sort into different cups/bowls or stack in piles.  Use tongs or tweezers to make it a little more difficut.

Work on fine motor strengthening and precision as you sort through the checkers.  You can also draw one shape on each of the checkers and sort by shape.  Work on upper body strength while lying in prone (on stomach).  

- Checkers as Coins: Use them in your coin bank or piggy bank.  Can they fit in the slot?  You may have to use an emtpy coffee can and cut a slit in the top.

- Draw a Shape: On a piece of construction paper draw a shape, now have your child take the checkers and place them on top of your drawing , forming that shape.  Draw large letters or numbers instead of shapes.

Work on tracing and foring letters without a pencil.  

- Checker Alphabet: Write one letter on each checker with a marker, now mix them up and see if your child can put them back in order. 

Add some sensory input and hide them in a bucket of rice or uncooked beans and see what letters you pull out.

Did You Know?

- Checkers was played as far back as 1400 BC

- Checkers is called "Draughts" in Europe.

- 1952 Arthur Samuels created the first checkers program on the computer


Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR